Who is Andi Stardust?

Andi Stardust is a San Francisco based activist, burlesque performer and producer who has shaking and shocking stages since 2010.

Fusing elements from burlesque, drag, performance art, and political theatre, Andi aims to deconstruct the ways we view the naked female body and the context in which it is viewed. Using humor, absurdity, and vulgarity, Andi addresses feminist and queer issues that are often excluded from burlesque. Her acts are considered subversive with political undertones. She has notoriously been called "an affliction for the comfortable”. 

Andi is the co-founder and producer of The Body Political, a bi-annual variety show that confronts social myths about the body through personal stories of resistance and reclamation. She is also the co-producer of Tassel Talk: Bay Area, a quarterly peer review event.